Tuesday, April 17, 2012

tribal bib necklace [lily dawson designs]

Ok y'all. I am hardcore obsessing over this necklace by Lily Dawson Designs. Someone give me a good reason to buy it!

Tribal Bib Necklace: $75 by Lily Dawson Designs on Etsy

Tribal Bib Necklace: $75 by Lily Dawson Designs on Etsy 

Tribal Bib Necklace: $75 by Lily Dawson Designs on Etsy

Isn't it gorgeous?! The details and the quality look so amazing. Here are other Lily Dawson pieces that I'm craving!:

Leather Link Bracelet by Lily Dawson Designs: $15 each
Braided Leather Bracelet by Lily Dawson Designs: $25 each

Shop more of Lily Dawson Designs at: etsy.com/shop/lilydawsondesigns 


Anonymous said...

Trust me, there is not a reason in the world to not buy Lily Dawson Designs jewelry. I always get compliments when wearing it. I live in Columbia, MO where she started her marketing of LDD and have been buying LDD jewelry since day one. She has styles to fit those who want to be edgy, traditional, classic, fun or funky. Her pieces can go with any outfit, for any occasion, day and night. LDD is a great investment. It's extra special pieces unlike what you find at department stores and many boutiques!
-A. Davis

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