Thursday, May 31, 2012

thankful thursday [week 2]

I'm thankful...

  1. that baby Duke's procedure (got his man parts removed :( )went well and that he's healing ok.
  2. that things are falling into place for my mama.
  3. that I discovered Poshmark.
  4. that I have the strength to follow my heart and not my friends.
  5. that ili Designs teamed up with me for an awesome giveaway!
  6. for our K-Cup brewer.
  7. for the weather in Hawaii.
  8. for Law & Order SVU reruns.
  9. that I like my husband just as much as I love him.
  10. for Rafflecopter.
  11. that I get to be on an IRLO Mashup Team!!!
  12. that I won a giveaway :)
  13. that my blog will be getting a makeover soon!
  14. that I reached 700 followers on Twitter today!
  15. for email.
  16. for the smell of dryer sheets.
  17. for blog angels which starts tomorrow!
  18. that my husband actually enjoys cooking. (this will probably make the list every week)
  19. that my husband will be a bit less busy at work next week!
  20. that Duke enjoys wearing his cone of shame.. (oddly).

my husband rocks on the grill!

my sweet angel in his cone after getting neutered

hello yellow + a giveaway!

  1.  ili Designs Tiered Necklace. Enter to win HERE! or by using the Rafflecopter below!
  2.  Lurex Drop Back Sleeveless Top
  3. Yellow Shorts
  4. Tory Burch Camelia Mid Wedge
  5. Patent Double Wrap Logo Stud Bracelet
  6. On the Side Dress
  7. See by Chloe Colorblock Flats
  8. Multi Coil Wrap Around

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Current Crush Thursdays

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Monday, May 28, 2012

ili designs [giveaway!]

I am so excited to announce that I've paired up with ili Designs to bring you this awesome giveaway! One of the many reasons that I love their colorful accessories is that the majority of them are made with recycled materials. Who doesn't love being green?! 
Check out more of ili Designs at
P.S. Each item is handmade in Hawaii. :) 

Now scroll down and enter! and don't forget to tell your friends! xo

a Rafflecopter giveaway

anchors aweigh

currently obsessed [poshmark]

Ok so I may have a little shopping addiction. I'm a sucker for good deals, current trends, and pretty packaging.  The problem is (besides that obvious) that I'm also one of those people who sticks to what I'm comfortable in. So although I may have just bought a super cute dress, if I have to suck in my stomach or wear uncomfortable shoes to match it, chances are that I'll probably choose to wear a different dress. I'm also a hoarder of clothes. I hate getting rid of anything because I "just might need it someday"!
Soooo.. with that being said.. I have a good amount of clothes that I've worn once or twice and some not at all.

So what do I do with those items? They used to just sit in my closet, taking up space. Until now.. I just discovered Poshmark!

How did I not know about this sooner?!

"Poshmark is a fun and simple way to buy and sell fashion". It's a free app (currently available on iPhones and iPads) that allows you to buy and sell items from your closet, new or old, at your price. Pre-owned stuff needs to be in good condition, of course. Snap some pictures (they even have filters to help you make a cover photo that really grabs attention), add a description, name your price.. that's it! Share your listing on Facebook, Twitter, anywhere!
Within 1 hour of listing, I already sold 1 dress! Poshmark makes it so easy. They handle all transactions and even send you a shipping label so that you don't have to pay to mail something out. Once the buyer receives the item, you can either use the money you earned to shop on Poshmark, get it transferred to your bank account, or they will mail a check to you.
The cost? Poshmark takes 20% of your sale. Not bad considering I was making $0 from that brand new dress sitting in my closet.

As usual, when I find something I love, I obsess over it. Again, how did I not know about this??

Shop my closet at:

Wanna sign up? Join for FREE by downloading the Poshmark app from the iTunes store and enter the invite code: HBDPG to earn a $5 credit!

More questions? Click here.

Happy Shopping!


I caught a lot of grief for posting this on my (personal) Facebook page today. But this isn't about me. Or what I believe in. Or what I believe is right and what is wrong. This is about the freedom to be who you are and love who you love. 

Who are we to tell someone who they can and cannot love?

Saturday, May 26, 2012

i got 99 problems but visiting hawaii ain't one

Once again, I came across something on District Sparkle that I had to share! Apparently, this list of 99 experiences has been floating around the internet. Not sure how it got started.. maybe someone's bucket list? Anyway, the experiences listed in bold are things that I've done. Since, I don't like to get too personal on my blog, I thought this would be a fun way for readers to kinda get to know some things about me. Ready..set.. go!

1. Started your own blog
2. Slept under the stars
3. Played in a band 
4. Visited Hawaii
5. Watched a meteor shower
6. Given more than you can afford to charity
7. Been to Disneyland 
8. Climbed a mountain
9. Held a praying mantis
10. Sang a solo
11. Bungee jumped 
12. Visited Paris 
13. Watched a lightening storm
14. Taught yourself an art from scratch
15. Adopted a child
16. Had food poisoning
17. Visited the Statue of Liberty
18. Grown your own vegetables 
19. Seen the Mona Lisa in France
20. Slept on an overnight train
21. Had a pillow fight
22. Hitch hiked
23. Taken a sick personal day when you’re not ill
24. Built a snow fort 
25. Held a lamb
26. Gone skinny dipping
27. Run a Marathon
28. Ridden in a gondola in Venice
29. Seen a total eclipse
30. Watched a sunrise or sunset
31. Hit a home run
32. Been on a cruise
33. Seen Niagara Falls in person
34. Visited the birthplace of your ancestors
35. Seen an Amish community
36. Taught yourself a new language 
37. Had enough money to be truly satisfied
38. Seen the Leaning Tower of Pisa in person
39. Gone rock climbing 
40. Seen Michelangelo’s David
41. Sung karaoke
42. Seen Old Faithful geyser erupt
43. Bought a stranger a meal at a restaurant
44. Visited Africa 
45. Walked on a beach by moonlight
46. Been transported in an ambulance
47. Had your portrait painted
48. Gone deep sea fishing 
49. Seen the Sistine Chapel in person
50. Been to the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris
51. Gone scuba diving or snorkeling
52. Kissed in the rain
53. Played in the mud
54. Gone to a drive-in theater
55. Been in a movie 
56. Visited the Great Wall of China 
57. Started a business
58. Taken a martial arts class
59. Visited Russia
60. Served at a soup kitchen
61. Sold [& eaten] Girl Scout Cookies 
62. Gone whale watching
63. Got flowers for no reason
64. Donated blood, platelets or plasma
65. Gone sky diving 
66. Visited a Nazi Concentration Camp
67. Bounced a check
68. Flown in a helicopter
69. Saved a favorite childhood toy
70. Visited the Lincoln Memorial
71. Eaten Caviar
72. Pieced a quilt
73. Stood in Times Square
74. Toured the Everglades
75. Been fired from a job
76. Seen the Changing of the Guards in London
77. Broken a bone
78. Been a passenger on a motorcycle
79. Seen the Grand Canyon in person
80. Published a book 
81. Visited the Vatican 
82. Bought a brand new car
83. Walked in Jerusalem
84. Had your picture in the newspaper
85. Kissed a stranger at midnight on New Year’s Eve
86. Visited the White House
87. Killed and prepared an animal for eating
88. Had chickenpox 
89. Saved someone’s life
90. Sat on a jury
91. Met someone famous
92. Joined a book club
93. Got a tattoo
94. Had a baby
95. Seen the Alamo in person
96. Swam in the Great Salt Lake
97. Been involved in a law suit
98. Owned a cell phone
99. Been stung by a bee

Post this list on your blog and tell us what you've experienced!

30 before 30 [every woman should read this!]

I keep hearing about Glamour magazine's 30 under 30 list, a list of 30 things that every girl should have and know by the time she reaches the age of 30, but I didn't read the list until today (thanks to Meaghan at District Sparkle!). It has become such a phenomenon (read about it here) and I agree that every woman should read this. It looks like I have a lot of work to do in the next 5 years!


Pretty good huh? Want more? This list became so popular that the editors of Glamour decided to create a book about it. The book is titled "Thirty Things Every Woman Should Have and Should Know by the Time She's 30" and features essays from women about each topic on the list. Purchase it here. I know I will!

Buy the book!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

thankful thursday [week 1]

I came across this idea on the lovely Constant Chatter blog. The idea is to list 20 things that you're thankful for every Thursday until you reach 1000 things (or until you want to stop). I've been feeling kinda blah lately and I think this is a good way to remind me of how blessed I really am. So here we go...

I'm thankful for..

  1. my husband.
  2. having a friend like Stella.
  3. Duke.
  4. not having to leave Hawaii just yet.
  5. being a Texan.
  6. meeting EJ!
  7. the internet.
  8. sweet bloggers who are super helpful.
  9. email.
  10. being able to resist biting my nails this week.
  11. our little home.
  12. the Pioneer Woman's awesome recipes.
  13. Duke being such a cuddle bug.
  14. living in Waikiki.
  15. my husband's amazing skills in the kitchen.
  16. our super comfy couch.
  17. airline deals.
  18. this weekend being a long one!
  19. having a supportive family.
  20. iPhones.


If you want to link up, visit:

arm party favorites [currently obsessing]

L-R: The Bishop Bracelet by Rutherfords by Rebecca, Jessica Dark Blue Sea & Gold Bracelet by LinzGutzPatent Double Wrap Logo Stud Bracelet by Tory BurchMini Smoothie Bracelet in Seaberry by Helloberry

This might just be my favorite combination.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

collars that pop

collars that pop

  1.  dannijo hixson collar necklace
  2.  asos premium mesh collar necklace
  3.  peter pan bead necklace
  4.  apt 9 snakeskin collar
  5.  bar 3 crystal collar necklace
  6.  fiona paxton sequin collar necklace
  7.  asos multi chain collar necklace
  8.  stone metal collar
  9.  asos fine chain collar necklace
  10.  asos metal collar necklace

Do you guys like the collar trend? I'm not sure how I feel about it yet. It's definitely unique and can spice up any outfit. I'm just not sure if it's for me. I pulled out some of my favorites. Which one do you like the most?

color out loud [31 bits]

You guys.... how amazing are these necklaces from 31 Bits' new collection, Color Out Loud?! I am drooling over them!!

Razzle Dazzle in Coral
Razzle Dazzle in Coral

Razzle Dazzle in Seafoam
Razzle Dazzle in Seafoam

Mamba Braid
In case you don't already know this, 31 Bits is one of my favorite little shops. I am in love with their products and even more in love with their mission! Check them out!

pink + red [bauble bar]


Ok so I know pink and read often remind us of Valentine's Day (or is that just me??) but I love the colors individually. They instantly add a pop of color and feminism to any outfit. Check out these beauties from Bauble Bar.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

stud love


I'd say about 99% of my earrings are studs so I was thrilled when I saw this Bauble Bar collage. AND all of them are under $30! Aren't they cute?!?
  1. Tortoise Studs: $24
  2. Bloom Studs: $24
  3. Tournesol Studs: $26
  4. Chrysanthemum Studs: $26
  5. Bee Studs: $24
  6. Yellow Pop Knot Studs: $24
  7. Geranium Studs: $26
  8. Red Ladybug Studs: $26
  9. Pink Pop Knot Studs: $24
Which one is your favorite?

Monday, May 21, 2012

aqua eyes [favorite]

After years of searching for eyeliner that would actually stay on ALL day- I found one! Make Up Forever Aqua Eyes stays on all day! It's perfect for hot summer days! It claims to be "waterproof, smudge-proof, fade-proof". Not too sure that I'd say it was waterproof... but I can definitely vouch for the other two!
Anyway, Sephora is offering a full-size liner today so I thought I'd share that little piece of information :)

Get yours here.

mint + tangerine [bauble bar]

These are two colors that I'm crazy over and BaubleBar is feeding my addiction!

  1. Spearmint Bauble Bib: $36
  2. Tangerine Boho Drops: $34
  3. Green Apple Cuff: $160
  4. Tangerine Teardrop Bib: $34
  5. Jade Fan Ring: $88
  6. Tangelo Bib: $36
  7. Mint Teardrop Bib: $34
  8. Tangerine Resin Links: $58
Which one is your favorite?

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

dead broke [tuc + wes]

The much anticipated Dead Broke Collection from Tuc + Wes by Orly Shani is finally here! For those of us who love Orly Shani, the release of her new collection couldn't come at a better time. With Fashion Star Season 1 ending last night, I knew I'd have some serious withdrawal problems. Not to worry though. Orly Shani has proven once again that she's not going anywhere.

Check out this behind the scenes video of Orly in action at the Tuc + Wes Dead Broke photoshoot.

A glimpse of the Dead Broke Collection:

The Original Broke City Scoop Tank: $30
Buy it here
"If you live on the corner of Hustle Drive + Penniless Lane... then you too, live in Broke City. Welcome to the neighborhood!"

Overdrawn Muscle Tank: $28
Buy it here
"Have you ever pulled a Kastanza!? Postdated your rent check so your account won't overdraw? No?.. Oh.. Yea, neither have we.."

Strapped Scoop Tee: $32
Buy it here
"Do you purposely forget your wallet 'cause your strapped for cash!? If you're that girl, we love you. Rock this one proudly!"

To see the whole collection and to shop your favorite styles, visit

And don't forget:

jeckyl [tuc + wes]

I finally got my hands on a Tuc + Wes button tee by Orly Shani! I picked the Jeckyl in pink and I already want to go back for more. I love that you can wear each tee a billion different ways to create a billion different looks.

JECKYL in Pink

Check out all of the original button tees by Tuc + Wes here and visit for details on how to order yours.

Monday, May 14, 2012

my first mother's day (kinda)

Ok so I don't have a child... but I do have a puggle (Duke) who is my little angel! Go ahead and judge me. Seriously, I'm fine with it. I used to make fun of people who were obsessed with their pets. Like, what losers, right? Yea... well now I'm one of those people. My husband makes fun of me, but secretly I know he's as obsessed as I am.

Anyway, back to the point of this post! It's my first Mother's Day that I actually feel like a mama to somethingone! I know you mama's out there love your children like crazy. I can't even imagine the intensity of that! I think my bond with Duke is even stronger because of the fact that Jared and I don't know if we are going to have kids.

So don't rain on my parade, because I'm celebrating :)

And now for your viewing pleasure...

Want more? Click here.

Happy Mother's Day!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

proverbs 31:25

My mom is the strongest woman that I know, so naturally this verse reminds me of her. Without going into tons of personal details, I'll just tell you this: She raised my brother and I as a young single mother, with not much money and not many people to help. Yet I can't ever remember a time when my brother and I went without anything we needed. I'm 25 and married and still don't think I could handle children right now. I don't know how she did it.

I've sat here and read it over and over to let it really sink in. It's so powerful isn't it?

I have a tremendous amount of respect for mothers and a big soft spot for single mothers. My brother and I didn't always make it easy for my mom and even still, she always always expressed her love for us. For that, I will always be grateful. I hope that one day I have at least half of the strength that she does.

Happy Mother's Day.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

betsey johnson inspired nails

As part of my quarter-life crisis, on my 25th birthday, I felt the need to get a crazy, stand-out-ish, youthful manicure and pedicure. Pink + Crazy.... I obviously looked at Betsey Johnson for inspiration. Naturally, I went to Salon Cherie so they could work their magic. Here's what we came up with...


Crazy huh? A little too wild for me but I love each design individually. It's all HAND PAINTED!!!

What do you think?