Tuesday, May 1, 2012

tuc + wes by orly shani

You can probably tell by now that I am a fan of NBC's Fashion Star. But more importantly, I'm a huge fan of Orly Shani and everything that she creates. Her designs always have a unique spin on them and their price tags don't empty your wallet. She is known for her multi-functional designs enabling clients to turn one purchase into several different outfits. I'm also a fan because her personality seems so similar to mine. Follow her on Twitter (@orlyshani) and you'll see what I'm talking about :)

Fashion Designer, Orly Shani
Prior to being a contestant on Fashion Star, Orly started a clothing line called Tuc + Wes. The line includes original designs by Orly and her signature versatile pieces. Orly describes Tuc + Wes as "joy, innovation, comfort, simplicity, and versatility".

The newest collection from Tuc + Wes is set to launch sometime this Spring but for those of you who can't wait to get your hands on one of Orly's designs (like me!), here are photos of what's left of her latest collection, The Original Button Tees!

CHELS (yellow, green, pink)
KARTWEEL (green, white, pink)
JECKYL (purple, white, pink)
MOD (yellow, purple, pink)
TWO-WAY (black, purple, green)
BOYFRND (purple, white, yellow)
JUMP-ME (black)
GRANDPA (purple, yellow, green)

How cool is that?! I was completely blown away when I saw these designs. I love how each piece can be transformed to make an entirely new outfit. They are simple yet so complex. I want them all!

The Tuc + Wes online shop should be up and running soon (exciting!!) but until then, they are taking orders via email at sales@tucandwes.com. So hurry up and order before they are sold out!

You can also watch Fashion Star on Tuesday nights on NBC to find out where you can purchase Orly's latest design.

Find out more at tucandwes.com.


Sara said...

Absolutely love Fashion Star! And I'd have to agree, Orly's sense of style and her line is amazing! xo

jayemmtee said...

she's so unique! can't wait to see more of her designs :)

Anonymous said...

hey i am on 9 but those are very nice. I also watched you on fashion star and thought you shoud've won. I loved the Purple dress you desgined on fashion star even though the buyers didn't by it. Oh my sister also like your desgines she a total fashion geek.Anyways keep the good work up