Saturday, June 9, 2012

facebook for bloggers

Ok I have 2 topics that I want your opinion on..

1. Facebook page for your blog. 
  • Do you need it?
  • Should you have it?
  • What do you post on it?
  • Do you receive traffic from it?
  • Do readers interact with you on your fb page?
I've been considering starting a facebook page for my blog for a while now. Mostly because I work in the marketing industry and we always tell our clients to get involved in as many social media outlets as they can. So I guess I should take my own advice, right? I just don't want any of my content to ever get repetitive. 

2. Adding blog-world friends as Facebook friends.
  • How do you feel about it?
  • Awkward?
  • Do you use your personal facebook page as strictly that- just personal?
  • Is this a case-by-case situation?
  • What if you talk (via blog, twitter, email, etc.) to this person all the time? But have never met?

I'm one of those "add-everyone-I-meet" kind of people. But I know that's not the case for everyone, which is totally fine.

Ok now be honest and tell me what you think!


Jules said...

Hi! I am visiting from Texas Bloggers...still trying to get around to visiting everyone'a blogs...but I am your newest follower! Anyway, to answera couple of the questions you asked: I think adding blog friends to your personal FB should be a case by case basis. Although there is nothing wrong with having a FB page for your blog to me it is just one more thing to keep updated. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my blog but sometimes I am getting pulled in a million directions and I can't see adding another site that demands my attention to the mix...but that is just me. Have a wonderful weekend!

Kelley @ said...

These are really good questions! Ill give you my feelings on them.. take it for what you want.. lol.

I started a facebook page because I didnt want my personal site full of blogging stuff. Some people dont understand blogging and I didnt want to bother them with my stuff. With a page dedicated to my blog I know people are there because they understand what Im doing.. I think? I hope!

I do get alot of traffic from my facebook page but you gotta be active and involve the readers. I get more visits from my blog then actual comments.. still working on how to get people to comment more. Haha!

Ive added a few people to my personal facebook.. ones that Ive been bloggy friends with for awhile. I like being able to check out their personal stuff and Im sure they feel the same. Just gotta be careful though.. haha. I sound like a mom :)

Ps.. I like Jules answers too. And sorry mine is so long! :)

Emily said...

I just started my facebook page for the blog recently. I don't have much interacting on there yet but I just post my daily postings and other fun things on there. People do look at it. I also really only add people to my personal facebook that I'm comfortable with. I don't just add everyone so it's a case by case thing. Have a great day.

Jennifer Salter said...

I have a FB page... but I think about 85% of the people that "like" me did it as a giveaway entry and not cause they actually like me... although I'm pretty darn awesome.
I struggle with remembering to psot stuff there and to intereact. I agree with Kelley about having a place seperate from my regular Facebook stuff. I do have bloging friends on my provate page, but its a person by person thing.

A friend attended a social media workshop not that long ago and the biggest thing she got out of it and told me about is that if you're not going to use it and make the best of it, its a waste of resources. Take one social media outlet and get really really good at it! Make it a habit and then go to work on the next one. I'm working on getting better at Fb, but right now I am focusing on twitter.

And those are my thoughts ;)

Carly @ Texas Lovebirds said...

Hi! Visiting from Texas Bloggers...just now getting around to checking out everyone's blogs.

I'll split my thoughts up by topic..

1)I don't think a Facebook page for your blog is necessary. I have one, and honestly, I'm not very good at updating it. The main thing that gets posted on it are links to blog posts. Like Jennifer said, I think most people "liked" it as an entry for a giveaway. Because I don't update it often, I'm actually considering deleting it. I figure if I'm not using it to it's full ability, there's no reason to keep it. My main frustration with it as that it's not easy to update from Facebook on my phone. I much prefer Twitter, and I honestly never thought I'd say that. Really, I'd say if you think you will use it to it's full potential, then get one...if not, I wouldn't worry about it.

2)I've only added 1 blog-world friend on Facebook and it's someone that I've communicated with a lot. I think it's definitely a case-by-case situation.

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