Friday, June 22, 2012

love/hate relationships

LOVE: Living in Hawaii.
HATE: Not living in Texas.

Covered in Grace

LOVE: Comments from readers!

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LOVE: Watching football! Even if it's teams that I'm not a fan of- I love watching.
HATE: When guys think that I'm not a real football fan and/or don't know anything about the sport because I'm a girl!

LOVE: Tequila.
HATE: Tequila.

LOVE: The beach, the pool, being in the water.
HATE: That I never feel content and confident in a bikini. 

LOVE: Food. All of it.
HATE: Cooking. And that I suck at it.

LOVE: Blogging.
HATE: That my blog is such a mess right now! I can't wait until the new design is finished!

LOVE: Coffee.
HATE: Coffee breath.

LOVE: The smell of cigarette smoke. (and I don't smoke..weird, I know.)
HATE: The smell of cigarette breath and the smell of cigarettes on clothes or in homes.

LOVE: Tex-Mex.
HATE: That we can't find any good Mexican food in Hawaii! :(

What do you love and hate?


TicoTina said...

I am a reader who is commenting. I can't wait to see your new design!

Nikkiana said...

I feel the same way about tequila.

Nikkiana said...

I feel the same way about tequila.

Nikkiana said...

I feel the same way about tequila.

Nikkiana said...

I feel the same way about tequila.

Chris said...

Bitter sweet... living in paradise but being homesick! I'm sure it's both amazing and sad at the same time. I know what that's like... some of my family is here in Chicago, but most are in the Philippines. Loved growing up in Chicago and being with my family, but miss island life and my family there.


Carly said...

Haha ditto on tequila, love it in a margarita hate it otherwise!


Sandra said...

Cool facts! That's so weird about the cigarette smoke. Personally I can't stand the smell anywhere. And I really appreciate how Austin is smoke free in so many places. Where did you used to live in Texas?

No(dot dot)el said...

Hello there beautiful Jessica.
I love the name of your blog.
Hate that I didn't find it sooner.
Love this line "not-so-ordinary" girl with a ordinary name
Hate that sometimes names don't define us well.

THank you so much for linking up.
Your list is so great.
I have never been to Hawaii and I have been to Texas, can't imagine missing Texas while living where you do but then I guess it's about people and not the place maybe?
I look forward to reading more here and getting to know you better.

kendra kay said...

ah shoot- forgot to do it this week! Gotta put a reminder in my phone coz it's such a fun post-i will catch it when i get back from vacay. haha hate no reply bloggers (me too!!!) :)

Kristin said...

This is really weird, but I like the smell of smoke outdoors in the summer too. It's one of the smells I associate with amusement parks, fairs, and summer in general! (And I've never smoked and hate the idea of it. Weird, indeed.)