Monday, June 11, 2012

make a statement


  1. Tropic Necklace: $36
  2. Summer Princesse: $38
  3. Green Triad Strand: $28
  4. Hiver Princesse: $38
  5. Tangerine Triad Collar Necklace: $32
  6. Fuchsia Triad Collar Necklace: $32
  7. Azure Triad Collar Necklace: $32
  8. Fuchsia Triad Strand: $28
How awesome are these statement necklaces from BaubleBar?! Wanna know what's even more awesome? They're all under $40! 

#4 is my favorite. Which one is yours?


Chris said...

#4 is my favorite also... it reminds me of the JCrew Bubble necklace. I just ordered my first bauble bar necklace yesterday!


dugongsss said...

Those necklaces are amazing! I love all of them!

Ashley said...

I am OBSESSED with statement necklaces! I keep buying them :))

I just followed you, follow back?
I'd really appreciate it :)

Julie Marie said...

love LOVE love that first one.. thats the colors of my living room and kitchen =)

LuckySweetChild said...

nice blog) like ur style!

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I'll wait your answer on my blog!!!


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