Saturday, June 30, 2012

sara the superstar

Meet Sara.

 Yea, I know. She's gorgeous.
She also happens to be incredibly talented. AND (more importantly) she's my friend.
(We have a pretty incredible friendship love story, by the way. But that's for another time.)

Sara always said that she was going to move to LA and be an actress-- you know, like all of us said as kids.
The difference is, Sara never stopped saying it. And then one day, she did it.

"Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Sara Amini began acting at the age of 7 when she was cast as the lead elf in her elementary school Christmas play. At age ten, she decided she wanted a career in film and television after watching the movie Titanic. Since July 2010, Sara has been living in Los Angeles in pursuit of that career." (via IMBd)

Sure she was scared. And yep, people doubted her. But that didn't stop her, ever.
She currently lives in Los Angeles and has played roles in several short films, television shows, and recently booked her first national commercial. She is even dabbling in writing and producing.

Impressive, right?
My nickname for her has always been Superstar and I think it's pretty obvious why.
She inspires me in so many ways on both a professional and personal level.

This is also the reason that I'm nominating her to be interviewed as part of the Blank Canvas Tour.
Sara is following her dreams and I want her to inspire you like she continuously inspires me.

Check her out:

P.S. Sara just started her blog a few days ago... show her some love :)

Blank Canvas Card Tour Nomination

Do you know someone who is following their dreams? What about someone who needs some encouragement so that they can start?



Kjerstin (The Way I Am) said...

You two look like you could be sisters!!! Good for her to keep striving for her dreams! :) I am definitely gonna go check out her blog!

Sara Amini said...

WHAAAAAAAATTTT IS THIS?!?!?!? Oh my God woman!! You are so crazy! And amazing! You are crazy amazing!! This was incredibly thoughtful and so unnecessary!!

Favorite part: Our friendship love story :) It goes down in history as one of the greats.

I love you (for 900 reasons) but for being a fiercely loyal and supportive friend. People like you in my life are who keep me sane and keep me going!!

Love you! I will buy you a chocolate store one day!

TicoTina said...

oh this is so awesome! I really hope we get to meet all these inspiring people!!! I agree with the previous commenter, you guys could totally be sisters!

Mrs. T said...

You are such a sweet friend to dedicate a post to her!! You two are beautiful!! :)