Saturday, June 16, 2012

steak and candles [friday night]

Guys. Let me tell you about our Friday night. Jared and I started out by preparing to cook Jess's Greek Steak Roll-Ups. We were so excited because the recipe looked deee-licious. We had just prepped the meat when BAM. All lights (and AC) were off! We looked outside and saw that the power went off on our whole block.

I was super hungry (aka grumpy) and Jared was super hot (aka grumpy). We lit a bunch of candles (which by the way, I stock up on candles. I LOVE candles! And Jared always makes fun of me because of it butttt looks like my obsession saved the day this time :)) and sat in silence for a few seconds. Except it wasn't really silence because we could hear EVERYTHING. I guess we're always playing music or watching TV, or doing something...there's always some sound going on. But this silence was crazy. And nice. We looked at each other and just laughed. My mood changed from grumpy to grateful. I had my man and my pup (and wine and whiskey) and that's all I needed.

About an hour later, the electricity came back on! We both raised our hands in the "raise the roof" position at the exact same time like a couple of nerds. Then we got our butts into the kitchen. Before we could start cooking again, Jared put on some country music, grabbed me, and started dancing. We held each other so tight. It gave me butterflies. (insert a group "awwww" here)

It turned out to be a pretty romantic night. I'm not sure if Jared even realizes how much I loved it. I don't mean to brag (yes I do) but he's pretty amazing, y'all. And I'm pretty lucky/ blessed/ grateful. 

Anyway, check out Jess's super delicious Greek Steak Roll-Up Recipe! We followed the recipe exactly except we had two big sirloins instead of 3 smaller ones and for the "grill seasoning" we used a Hawaiian spice that's a little spicy. We served it with loaded mashed potatoes and veggies..and it was so yummy!

[via Jess Is More Blog]
Now I'm hungry! Go make it!


Julie Marie said...

that was a total AWWWWWW post, it almost gave ME butterflies.. lol =)

Chris said...

That looks delicious! And what a sweet night!


Kelley @ said...

Total awwwww moment!! Love moments like that :)

Tranae said...

This looks so good.

Kait said...

Oh my goodness, so cute. Moments like that are amazing. He sounds like a keeper ;-)

Those steak roll-ups look so good!! Maybe I will put that on our weekly menu!