Thursday, July 12, 2012

a story of ransom [throwback thursday]

Have you ever had this conversation with yourself? Oh.. neither have I.

I'll admit, I'm a bit dependent on my iPhone. Ok, maybe a lot. It's really quite sad actually.
I was finally able to realize that I had a problem on a random night in Boston in May 2009.

My friend Jane and I were vacationing in Boston, living it up and enjoying life. *let's note that this was before I was married* One night we were dancing it up casually hanging out at some bar a local establishment until the early morning hours a decent time at night.
Jane and I taking a break from dancing
We took a cab back to our hotel. 
Once we got into our hotel room, I realized that my life was over I didn't have my iPhone!
I was drunk so upset and crying hysterically very emotional.
We used Jane's phone to call my phone. 
This is where the craziness starts-- the cab driver answered MY phone.. I was so relieved! I asked him politely if he could bring the phone back to the hotel. I even offered to pay him for the inconvenience.
His response was, "How much is this phone worth to you?"...
What?! Was he serious?? Yes, yes he was.
He hung up and told me to call him back if I was willing to PAY for MY phone. 
Yep. He was holding my phone hostage and asking for ransom! 

I was freaking out! 
I had just moved to NYC from TX the week before. 
My life was in that phone. 
All of the information for my new job (which I was starting the following week) was in that phone. 
My personal pictures, my contacts, my emails, everything... WAS IN THAT PHONE!

We contacted the front desk who then contacted the police department. We filed a report but I mean really...what could they do? We didn't know the name of the cab driver. We didn't know the cab number. How would he ever find him? And how would I ever get my phone back?

The next morning, this newspaper was at our hotel door. This is the first page I saw when I opened it. Tragic. 
I was so upset that we went to an Apple store the very next day so that I could purchase a new phone.
I was pissed but we enjoyed the rest of our trip and I made my way back to NYC a few days later.
Jane and I after our trip to the Apple store. She decided to distract me by taking me to the Boston Aquarium.
One of the fabulous employees at the hotel we stayed at. I obviously had to take a picture with him before we left!
The week after our Boston trip, I received an email from a man I did not know.
His name was Jason. He said he purchased an iPhone from a cab driver in Boston, looked through the pictures, thought I was cute, and decided to email me and ask if I would like to go out to dinner sometime. Oh and he said he'd even give me my phone back if I really wanted it.

Ummm... really?!?! 
I obviously said no. I was not going to meet a random man who wanted to take me out to dinner in exchange for MY phone.

I contacted the police officer who took my initial report. I forwarded him the email. 
They were able to locate the guy who emailed me, question him, and get my phone back!!

Next thing I know, I'm reading an email from this Jason guy cussing me out and telling me that I am a horrible person because he was just trying to do something nice for me.
And then he asked me to be his friend on Facebook.
Um, no, Jason, I would not like to be your friend but I will be forever grateful for your obnoxious emails which lead me back to my iPhone. Thank you.

It was a crazy but very memorable experience.
And you better believe, I double-check my purse before exiting a cab now. :)



Courtney. said...

Haha! This is insane! Thankfully there was a happy ending :)

The Cavallaro's said...

Just stumbled across your blog.... all I can say is WOW.

For starters, that cab driver sounds like a douchebag (sorry). I'm glad that you didn't pay him for your phone!

And Jason, sounds a little bit like a creeper. But, I guess it's good that he emailed you because if he didn't, you probably wouldn't have your phone (Who in their right mind actually buys an iphone from a cab driver anyways? Sounds a tad shady to me!)

I couldn't imagine how I would feel if I lost my iphone... I seriously think my life would be in shambles. Which if you think about it, it's somewhat pathetic that everyone depends on their phones so much! And yes... er, I mean no... I never have that above conversation with myself. NEVER...

Alyx said...

Glad you got your phone back, but that sucks that you bought a phone before you got it!!

Sam said...

This is so crazy and what a creeper too lol


Brit said...

Wow, some people! That is craziness. Glad you got your phone back.....but then you had two ;) I know what you are saying about having your whole life in it though, I sadly don't even know my hubbie's phone number.

Elsha Bodily said...

New Follower! Love how you titled your blog, so cute and creative and a great way to allow people to know you right off the bat

Jackie said...

wow! I can't believe that.

I came across your blog from the Under 300 link up. I'm a follower now :)

Anonymous said...

Holy crap!! I literally gasped when I read the part about Jason e-mailing you! WHO.DOES.THAT?!?! How sad is it that iPhones are in such demand and times are so hard that people are holing them hostage! That's insane. I literally feel the same way. They had to pry my phone out of my hands on my wedding day. MY. WEDDING. DAY!! Someday I'll be able to be independent- today is not that day.

xoxo Amber

meet.make.laugh. said...

I have that phone conversation with myself all the time.... way too dependant on my phone!

Nicole Marie said...

Man I HATE that urge! I love my phone oh so much. I have had that convo with myself but it was noticeable or out loud.

Michelle said...

What a story! Glad you got your phone back. I do have those conversations here and there. So now when I'm with others, I just put my phone away in my purse. :)

Kristine @ The Foley Fam {unedited} said...

You can't make this stuff up! Crazy girl!! Glad it found it's way to you! :) Happy Weekend! XOXO

Vic said...

This is a CRAZY story! Some people, I just don't even understand how their brains work. At least you got it back though right!

KatyK said...

I live in constant fear that I will lose my phone. My mother calls it my of course my six year old followed suit. I don't care though. My mom just doesn't understand how NECESSARY my smart phone is. Calendars, emails, pictures. I mean instagram, twitter. sheesh....I love my phone.

Meredith said...

hahah that is hilarious!! Glad I found your blog :)

rachel said...

that is the craziest cell phone story i have ever heard!!! what a wild ride that little phone went on!!!!

Kristin said...

What a crazy story! So glad it had a happy ending though :-) Some people are just nuts, and yes, we all have those convos with ourselves about our life-line phones. - Enjoyed your navy and white post too! I'm all about the nautical style in the summertime! Have a great weekend, and so nice to "meet" you here on your blog!

Thrifty Miss Smith said...

I think that may be the cutest bell boy I've ever seen <3 I'd have gotten a pic with him too lol.

New follower :) have an excellent weekend!

Elsha.Rae said...

how fun! you are gorgeous!! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Wow what a crazy story. I am so glad to hear that you finally got your phone back so you could get all your pics and stuff. But this just makes me think that we just give out too much information to people. Thank goodness no one was able to find you in person. I can't believe he emailed you like yo I bought your phone from a cabby and you are cute ... dinner? What a loser!

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!!

♥ Shia

No(dot dot)el said...

Man that is CREEPERS! Crazy creepy dude. Seriously? OH yeah sure I'll meet up with you ya CReep! I think I'm enjoying the word Creep way too much right now! Glad you got your phone back, too bad it was after purchasing a new one.

Kristin W said...

What?! This is insane! I'm pretty dependent on my iPhone too. Good thing you were able to get a new one!

Breenah said...

Not a great way to get to know the men in that city! So glad you got it back though.

Anonymous said...

That is the CRAZIEST story ever! I can't believe he friended you on facebook! OMG! I'm glad you got your phone back, and that you didn't become some really tragic Lifetime movie!