Sunday, September 2, 2012

excuse me while I toot his horn


I love food. And I've been very open with the fact that I am not a good cook. No matter how simple the recipe is, I always manage to screw it up. We got a slow cooker a few months ago and I thought it would be my saving grace. No. It was not. I have yet to find something to cook in there that I actually enjoy eating.

This is one of the many reasons that I think God sent me Jared. He is by far the most talented person in the kitchen that I know. I have never in my life been so content with eating at home (sorry, Mom).

I remember the first time I realized this...
I walked in the door after a 12 hour work day and saw that Jared had dinner waiting for me. And not just any dinner. He replicated my favorite dish from an Italian restaurant that we visited frequently. Not only did he replicate it but he did it from scratch, based on his own taste, and made it even better than the restaurant version. I was overly impressed.

Jared continues to amaze me with his skills. Last night he said he wanted to "be challenged" with something new. So he opted for Lobster & Shrimp Ravioli. From scratch, y'all! 

I know Jared thinks I'm lying half the time but he really is that good. I know it's good when I'd rather take the chance on one of his new recipes than take the chance at another mediocre Hawaii restaurant. (No offense, Hawaii, but you are lacking in the food department.) 99% of the time, his meals are restaurant worthy.

I used to feel really guilty (and still do sometimes) that he is the one who cooks 99% of what we eat, but I've realized that he actually enjoys it. That has always been such a foreign concept to me. To me, cooking is work. It's a chore. No one actually likes doing it, right? Wrong. Jared says it relaxes him. He likes to sip on a glass of wine, turn on some music, and get creative with ingredients in the kitchen. And that my friends, is sexy, and also very good news for me.

Blessed. That's the only word I can think of to describe it.

Thanks for letting me brag about him. Pretty sure I'm going to keep him. :)



Anonymous said...

Wow! How lucky are you, girl! Does he have a brother?!?!

Seriously though, that's awesome. I enjoy cooking, but am very very limited. If something goes wrong, I'm ready to give up and never try again!

Anonymous said...

same here, I can't cook.
It's a shame coz my husband & his family are good cook, lol

Beatriz López Lumbreras said...

I wish my b/f could cook like that!!