Saturday, November 17, 2012

it's beginning to feel a lot like christmas...

December 2011
Christmas 2011

winter 2010
And by Christmas, in Hawaii, I mean temperatures in the 70's, Christmas lights on palm trees, and everyone pretending it's "really chilly" outside. It sounds funny, I know. I spent my first winter here in 2010 and made a habit of making fun of everyone who dressed like there was a blizzard outside. 

Well this is my 3rd winter here on the island. I think I earned the right to call myself a local when I stepped outside on our lanai (aka balcony) yesterday and exclaimed "Oh my gosh! It's so cold outside!" and ran to the bedroom to put on sweats, socks, and a long sleeve tee. It was 73 degrees with a nice breeze.

This is especially ironic because I HATE the cold. Although I really can't think of too many people who LOVE it, I have a true hatred for it. When I lived in NYC I moved back to Texas during the month of October, right before the brutal temps started. Ok, so that's not why I left NYC, but the timing did play out in my favor. My in-laws get together for Christmas in Colorado every few years. This will be my 3rd Christmas as part of their family and they haven't put together one of those trips yet. I'm honestly dreading having to be a part of that. I'll be the grumpy daughter-in-law sitting indoors with a big coat and the heater on blast. I've never seen real snow (I know the sleet in South Texas doesn't count) and I have absolutely no desire to. Yes, it's a beautiful site but seeing it in pictures and movies is just fine for me. I'm telling you, I hate it.

Our families came to Hawaii for Christmas in 2011. It was chaotic but fun. They were all wearing their board shorts, floral prints, and summer dresses and all I wanted to do was put on a damn sweater.

You can always tell the difference between locals and tourists during the winter months. Well.. you can always tell but it's just more evident from November to February-ish. The tourists are here because they're trying to escape winter. They want to get as far as possible from any type of cold. You'll see them wearing tank tops, cheesy aloha shirts that they spent way too much money on, flip flops (they call them slippers here), and 9 times out of 10, their skin will be bright red. But the locals.. they use this time to claim that we do actually have some kind of "seasons" here. As soon as the temperature drops below 80, we all pull out our light sweaters, scarves, and boots. My boots and sweaters take up about an 8th of my very small Hawaii-size closet (those of you that live here know what I'm talking about) but I refuse to get rid of them or send them to my mom's house. Yes, sometimes we'll wear our boots with shorts or maybe accessorize a sundress with a scarf, but can you blame us? We're just trying to stay fashionable, switch things up, and get some use out of the 3 or 4 "winter" outfits we have.

Don't burst our bubble.

Now excuse me, we are going to lunch and I have to find my sweater. 



Kiana Bates said...

That's so funny that y'all act like it's cold outside... :)

Cody Doll said...

Oh I so know you feeling. I live in Fl and I hate anything below 70. I hate hate cold. Id much rather live where you are. That is my type of weather. And yup, I can tell the tourist down here too.

Nikkiana said...

This reminded me of the first time I went to see my grandparents in Arizona at Christmas... I remember looking at my grandma like she had three heads when it was 72 outside and she was telling me to put on my winter coat.

The Mrs. and The Momma said...

Well, we don't have it THAT bad in Texas, but I totally feel ya on the busting out winter clothes at the first sign of cooler weather. Every summer here I threaten to move because of the heat and our lack of real seasons! 70 degrees+November=Sweaters and Scarves!

The Mrs. and The Momma

bailey j said...

I absolutely hate the snow and cold but have learned to bear it over the past 21 years as I'm Canadian aha. The past few years I've made lot's of attempts to escape though - 2 trips to Central America and I'm currently living in California. If yo DO have to make a trip into snowy weather enjoy the new adventure and make the most of it.. it does suck though!

frikken DUCKIE said...

I LOVE Christmas in Hawaii! You really want cold? Go stay at my house in Wahiawa Heights. It gets pretty cold up there - as in we don't need air conditioning at all. Then come winter, I have to shut all the windows, throw on some socks, jeans, a sweater, and wrap myself in a blanket. Sure it's nothing compared to the northern states but still - it's pretty damn cold for us locals.

My favorite Christmas tradition is going to different parts of the island to see the lights. I think the best and most festive area is Mililani. You should check it out! We would usually park on the side of a street and walk around the block because every cul-de-sac would have a different theme. It's fun for the kids and romantic for the adults.

♥ Duckie.

Tarole said...

Love this! I wore UGGs to the store today and glad I did! It was soo chilly today! :)


Rachel said...

I totally know what you mean. We moved to San Diego when I was in high school- the first year we were in summer clothes all winter, and the next, bundled up in sweaters and boots! Although my brothers DID wear shorts year round- they never owned a pair of pants while living there.

Janna Renee said...

Haha sounds like all my Christmases spent in Florida...