Wednesday, December 19, 2012

15 gifts they won't expect..

... because no one likes fruit cake.

Aren't these fun? And they're all under $100 (except for the last one!)!
I'd take them all. hint hint ;)



Emily said...

Great ideas!! LOVE the phone case!!


Empirically Erin said...

I love these gifts. They are so different. The band-aids are so fun!

Allyson Butler said...

These are all great! That embosser thing (...probably not it's actual name) is so cool!

Sara said...

Great gift ideas! I'm in love with the Kate Spade iPhone case

Erica F said...

I love all these ideas! So cute and I can think of someone different for every one of those gifts!

TSOH said...

Love the book! And your image slider, how did you get that on? :)

Meggan Morehead said...

Love the roulette wheel!!

Sara said...

What fun and unique gifts. Love!!!

Chelsea Lennox said...

Hahaaha my dad loves fruit cake. ew

Niki Caron said...

I love the bandaids! So fun!

Shane Prather said...

Love these! Are they from urban outfitters?? How did you make that scrolling picture? neato :)

Treasure Tromp said...

these are all so great!

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