Wednesday, December 5, 2012

uncle daddy

I'm a sucker for new music. I'm a bigger sucker (that doesn't sound appropriate) for new good music. There's something about discovering a band that I hadn't heard of before that makes me feel... stupid and cool. Stupid because I think why the hell didn't I find them sooner?! and cool because I found a gem. Uncle Daddy is just that- a gem. And I found them thanks to Carly (Lipgloss and Crayons).

So now, allow me to make you feel stupid... or really cool. (You're welcome.)

Uncle Daddy is a group that consists of 5 pretty cool guys. They (and iTunes) classify themselves as a rock band but I swear there's a hint of country in their songs too. Maybe that's just the Texan in me.

They've just released a new album in collaboration with the Grammy Foundation. The collaboration is part of the Grammy ReImagined Project which showcases up and coming artists... and yes, Uncle Daddy is up and coming. Way up! Check out some of their music and let me know what you think!

The album consists of Uncle Daddy originals as well as covers of Grammy-winning singles. My favorite is Black and Yellow (which may or may not be influenced by the fact that I love the Steelers :))

Which one is your favorite?

Check out (and BUY!) Uncle Daddy's newest album, Uncovered, here.
For more information about Uncle Daddy, visit
For more information about the Grammy ReImagined project, visit

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Uncle Daddy. All opinions are my own.


Breenah said...

They sound good, but that name! Makes me think of some Southern hillbilly joke.

Sharina said...

Thanks for sharing them! :) Will check their music out!! :)

Followd you Jessica :)