Saturday, March 16, 2013

weekly roundup | march 16, 2013

Our staycation ended at the beginning of the week but then I was dealing with no internet for the remainder of the week (aka going crazy!) so I apologize for being MIA! But I did manage to scope out some worthy links for this weeks roundup. Some of them address the blogger melt down that happened earlier this week (p.s. are we all calm again?)!

My opinion about this whole Google fiasco -- if the majority of your focus has been on gaining GFC followers and if a large amount of your traffic comes from Google reader, then yea, maybe I'd be freaking out. But as most bloggers have said (including this one), a lot of don't even use Google Reader anymore and most of us only follow via GFC to show support for other bloggers. Because let's be honest, that little GFC widget and the number of followers that comes along with it is kind of like a popularity badge in the blogger world. It's sad, but oh so true. 

I've definitely put work into growing my GFC follower count (as many of you have) and I remember each milestone (hello 1,000 followers!) being so exciting.. but what did it all mean? Does "followers" = "readers"? Do your page views grow when your followers do? 

Anyway, I can rant about this for hours so I'll stop with this -- 1. I can't find anywhere on the internet that actually states that GFC will be eliminated. So don't freak out, yet. and 2. If GFC is gone, will we really miss it? 

Onto the roundup!

+ You guys know I am far from a beauty expert so maybe I'm alone on this one... but did you know that many women shave their face?! It sounded completely crazy to me but then I read (and watched) this!

Rumors vs Facts -- read this before you freak out about GFC!





And here are a few snapshots from this week! Have a great weekend! xx

oahu dog hikes
hikes with my boys are my favorite!
carved trees hawaii
Jared and I made our mark!
barefoot bar hawaii
bars are better when they're on the beach ;)
duke taylor puggle
how can you not love this face?
manoa falls hike
they went off the main trail, of course
duke taylor puggle
waikiki nightlife
blondies were in town!
manoa falls trail
hawaii skies
homemade quesadillas
quesadillas, salsa, rice, beans, guacamole -- all homemade! sometimes I can cook.. if it's easy ;)
simple island life


Shelley said...

Have to admit it would be nice to hit my goal number for GFC but you're right it definitely doesnt mean that that many people actually read. It would be refreshing to not compare numbers with each other!!

Coco said...

Jess I am one of the panicking bloggers. So...Lots of love
ps. don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin :-))))

Tea&Sequins said...

I love the top you're wearing in the pic of you with your friends! I'm also in love with your pup. Thanks for the blogging advice. I only started my blog 6 months ago so I'm still learning all this technical stuff, but I'm following you on Bloglovin!


SH said...

II'm heading now to check out all the links above for blogging tips. I'm glad I'm now using Bloglovin, I find it much more organized!

Hope you have a wonderful day!

The Hartungs Blog

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