Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Hanging In The Trees

Hanging in the Trees

Hawaii Trees

lucky we live hawaii

hanging in trees

hawaii trees

hawaii trees

trees in hawaii

jessica who

t and j designs

t and j designs
What I'm Wearing --- Top: Rue21 (also worn here) // Necklace: c/o t+j Designs (get 20% off of your first purchase!) // Bracelets: (black) c/o t+j Designs (get 20% off of your first purchase!), (turquoise) c/o Ettika

This is pretty much my favorite beach outfit. (Besides a new outfit that I just got and will be showing you soon!) It's so easy and breezy and works over just about any swimsuit. 

Anyway, how cool are these trees?! I think they're called banyan trees... (correct me if I'm wrong please!) and I'm in love with them. There's something so beautiful and magical about them to me. It's like they take on a life of their own especially when a breeze hits. I wonder how many people pass by these trees everyday and never stop to look at them. Isn't it crazy how many little things we miss in life?

I'm rambling now but the point of this is to remind us all to stop, look, smell the roses, and when you can... hang out in the trees.

lucky we live hawaii

lucky we live hawaii hat

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Photo Credits: Jessica Taylor and Eun Hae Salanoa 
Location: Honolulu, HI