Thursday, November 13, 2014

Centime Gifts

custom signature necklace

custom ring

custom handwriting necklace

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Ginny at Centime Gifts. She was incredibly sweet and after reading about some of the things I've been through within the past year, she asked me to send her a few handwriting samples. I sent her my signature and some of my favorite words. A few days later there was a gift in the mail from her. A ring that says "Duke" in memory of my sweet boy who went to doggy heaven in August, and a necklace that says "Jessica Stronger" in my handwriting. How cool is that?! My favorite quote is "What does not kill me will make me stronger."... because I truly believe it. I'm stronger because of the things that life has thrown my way. So the word "stronger" reminds me of this. It doesn't get much more personal than that! I was speechless. The necklace is stunning and the ring makes me smile. Both items immediately went to the top of my favorite jewelry list. And they are always conversation starters. I love them so much! 

Thank you, Ginny!

P.S. Check out her entire site at and use code FEARLESS20 for 20% off of your purchase from now until December 15th!

personalized ring

personalized signature necklace

Necklace: c/o Centime Gifts
Ring: c/o Centime Gifts

Use code FEARLESS20 for 20% off of your order at from now until December 15th!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


fearless tank top

I got a ton of feedback from my very personal post about my divorce. More than I could have ever imagined. And more positive than I could have ever hoped for. I've been so inspired and uplifted by the stories that I've heard about people in similar situations, the words of encouragement, the prayers, the kindness that has been shown to me. I've really just been blown away by it all. Sharing my story not only helped me, but helped readers too. And that means more to me than I can put into words.

Along with the countless comments, emails, messages, and phone calls, I received a gift too! Whitney (the hilarious writer behind I Wore Yoga Pants to Work) sent me a fun package that included the sweetest note, a fearless koozie, and a Fearless tank that she designed. Besides the fact that it's super comfy, it has a ton of meaning behind it for me. I'm so grateful for Whitney and the many people that I've met along this little journey of mine.

Thank you all.

IWYP clothing

i wore yoga pants

Today I will not look behind me. 
I will choose faith over fear.
I will use my energy not to worry but to believe.
I will not be afraid.
I will radiate positive vibes.
I will count my blessings.
I will choose joy.
Today I will be fearless.


iwyp clothing

iwyp by whitney ellen

Get the look ---
Top: c/o IWYP
Skirt: Express (similar)
Boots: Steve Madden
Bracelets: JewelMint, InPink, Wanderlust (similar)
Necklace: gift (similar - use code FEARLESS20 for 20% off until December 15, 2014)

Tuesday, November 4, 2014


texas home tshirt

home t

home t

home tshirt

Home. It's a funny word, right? A tiny word that has a whole lot of meaning. I've had several "homes" but one always remains, wherever I am. TEXAS, y'all.

I was trying to describe what it was like to be a Texan to a friend from Pennsylvania. He said he was more of a Texan than I was because he's from the "country" in PA. Ummmm no no no. This obviously enraged me (my fellow Texans know what kind of pride we have) but as I began to explain what the difference was, I kind of hesitated. I didn't even know where to begin. Because being Texan is a feeling. It's hard to describe. It's country music and dance halls. It's beer. Lots of beer. It's BBQ and sweet tea. It's breakfast tacos and Tex-Mex. It's Spanglish, y'all, and ain't. It's jeans and cowboy boots, big hair and belt buckles. It's southern rap (hello H-town chopped and screwed!) and southern swag. It's southern accents, southern gentlemen, and my favorite - southern hospitality. It's a feeling deep in my bones.

And let's face it, no one retires and moves up north, right? (that was just a little stab at my PA friend ;))

I thank my lucky stars that I'm a Texan.

home texas t

Get the look ---
T-shirt: c/o The Home T
Denim: Nine West (similar)
Boots: Cavenders (similar)
Necklace: Ginger13
Bracelets: 31Bits, c/o Ettika, BCBG
Dog: Barnaby is available for adoption through SAPA! email jessicataylor(at)about(dot)me