Sunday, October 14, 2018

Ready to change the world?

Friends + Family:

If you know me well, you know that I am passionate about my faith and about business. For most of my life, it seemed that I could not combine these two.
When I was younger my favorite pastime was pretending to run a business. I’ve had a job since the age of 16. I love to work. But I often felt unfulfilled. What was missing was a sense of purpose. What was missing was the merging of my deep desire to help others and my passion for business.

Within the past two years, as I’ve traveled the world, as I’ve met people and heard stories, my faith has been solidified and my dreams have flourished into realities.

This year, with a big push from my community at G42, I fulfilled a deep desire and long-term dream of starting a Kingdom-minded business.

It’s with great excitement that I introduce you to, AT THE WELL, a curated global marketplace of consciously made goods by creators that make a social impact. Customers are able to shop by country, by cause, and by product. Each purchase empowers artisans and brands around the world and helps to create sustainable communities. This is phase one of an even larger dream – something I’d love to share with you if you’re interested!

I don’t think I’ve ever worked so intensely for something in my life! I’m so proud and grateful for how far it’s already come. As cliché as this may sound, I truly believe that we each hold the power to change the world. AT THE WELL is a vehicle for me to do this and I hope that you’ll be a part of it.

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